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Home Staging Show Houses

A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you entrust us with the decoration project of your show house, your clients will say, “Yes, I do!” in record time. They will love the design, and their viewing will be a true experience.

We will turn your show house into an aspirational home, something they won’t be able to resist.

We do Home Staging projects adapted to the target client of the development. We deal with purchasing, transporting and assembling the chosen furniture in the shortest possible time and always within budget.

3D infographics

Are you still in the early stages of development? If you want to make potential clients fall in love by showing them what their dream home could look like, EIRE can help you.

We have extensive experience in the production of photorealistic infographics.

We will create an exclusive design you can show to your clients from the onset without investing in furniture or decoration. We can also produce decorated floor plans. Your clients will be able to understand the space you offer them better and see all its possibilities.

Customised service

In today’s competitive environment, this service is a must.

EIRE Interiors & Home Staging offers your client a personalised service with an interior designer who will accompany them throughout the design process, advising them on the selection of finishes, colours, materials and furnishings adapted to their particular needs and tastes.

Technology has indeed made it easier for the client to design the house to their liking. Thanks to virtual reality, 3D technology and mobile applications, buyers can see how the changes will look in their future home without waiting for it to be built.

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