Nice to meet you!
I am Elisa Iglesias, and I am in charge of EIRE Interiors

Five years ago, I plucked up the courage and decided to share my passion for interior design with more people.

I left my job in the financial sector and embarked on an exciting adventure that allowed me to meet wonderful people and create homes and businesses with a lot of EIRE Magic.

Watch out! If you read on… the next one may be yours!

Want to know more about my adventure?

I know that the process I went through interests many people, and if we are going to work together, it’s great that you can get to know me more through these lines, so I’ll tell you more.

I was a happy child who grew up between Asturias and León until I moved to Málaga when I was still a child. My mother was a teacher, and my father an artist in the broadest sense of the word. There was no field he didn’t touch, painting, photography, sculpture… although his great passion was poetry. I grew up amidst gatherings, books, coffee and cigarette smoke, and without a doubt, I inherited my creative streak from him. My mother did the hardest work and instilled in me my most important values, responsibility, thrift and hard work.

I grew up wanting to be an entrepreneur, so I studied business management. I spent almost ten years working in large companies in the financial sector, but something was always missing. Basically, I always missed my creative streak and taking a more active role in the company’s processes.

A few days before my 30th birthday, my father left us after battling against a long illness, and a transformation process began that lasted several years. It required a lot of hard work, but I became what I am today. I realised how short life is and how much I needed to express myself through creativity. I used my great passion, interior design, to create a project with which I could help others while enjoying and putting into practice the many business skills I learnt in my years of work.

I left everything behind, went to Madrid to study interior design and started the EIRE Interiors project on my return to Málaga. After over 50 completed projects and many satisfied customers, I must say that I was not wrong and that everything I have fought for so far has been worth it.

I have been building my dream team gradually, starting with my colleagues in the studio and continuing with all the trades (carpentry, electricity, painting, masonry, fitters, etc.) and with whom we manage not only to imagine your project but to build it.

If you decide to work together, I promise I will do everything I can to make your house the home you want. I also promise I will fight for your house as if it were my own, and I will be by your side until you lie down on the sofa, and everything is perfect and to your liking.
I look forward to transforming your house… into your home with lots of EIRE Magic!

Here is my Dream Team, who will also put their love into your new home

Ana Belén Morente

From a very young age, I used to get excited about creating plans, layouts and possible designs for a room in my house. After graduating as a design engineer, I knew I had made the right choice. I loved designing, and I specialised in interior design.

I define myself as an empathetic, constant and committed person. I am passionate about design, its functionality and its emotional character. I consider it another way to connect with people and the best option to solve their needs.

The house must be the case of life, the machine of happiness.

Carolina Pernía

I have been surrounded by a family of artisans and artists, so creativity has been a constant since I was young With a restless mind and an endless curiosity about everything around me, I consider myself a sensitive, dreamy and persevering person.

The world of interior design began to be that refuge where I could pour out all my imagination and get carried away by everything that inspired me to put those ideas into practice and create those dream spaces that everyone has in their head and wants to turn into their new home.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

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