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/ Fuengirola, Málaga

Mediterranean style project in Malaga, renovation, interior design and decoration project: the naturalness of simplicity.

An Organic Mediterranean style home in Fuengirola, very close to the sea where you can feel the breeze constantly. The project consists of an entrance with stairs, hall, living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. We are based on a palette of neutral tones and natural materials, typical of the Mediterranean style.

/ Chilches, Málaga

The Chilches interior design project is about a new construction home in the province of Malaga.

This house has four floors and is distributed in five bedrooms (master, children's and three guests), living room/kitchen, garden, solarium, cinema room, storage room and office.

In this project, a neutral base and touches of color in blue and ocher tones are used, a home that mixes beach and contemporary styles.

/ Malaga

Home Staging and decoration project in Malaga with integral reform of the house and change in the kitchen without work.

In this project, a palette of warm colors, green and ocher tones has been used. This, together with a neutral base and natural materials, creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for all types of tenants.

It is a small house consisting of living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom.


In this interior design and home staging project in Malaga the EIRE essence is breathed in every corner. By combining earth tones with warm materials, a home with a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere has been achieved.

It consists of a complete renovation of kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

/ Malaga

The jewel of this interior design project in Malaga are the EIRE designer furniture with which we have achieved a very cozy, functional and highly designed result.

This project consists of a master bedroom, living room, hall and what we will call multipurpose room.

/ Málaga Teatinos

Within the neutrality of the Japandi style, so harmonious, soothing and welcoming, our aim in the Atencia Project was to create a bubble of comfort and rest for our clients.

Sky Garden
/ Málaga Teatinos

This decoration and interior design project in Málaga of a newly built house aims to adapt and focus each room to its owner’s needs and future use without losing its overall harmony.

/ Estepona New Golden Mile

After working with us on the Sun & Golf project, our client contacted us again to furnish another Villa in the same development in Estepona. They had only two left when they contacted us the first time, and after a good experience in the first project, they entrusted us with the Home Staging project of the second Villa.

Villa Willow
/ Marbella Nueva Andalucía

This is a magnificent example of Home Staging in furnished houses in the province of Málaga. The owner of this magnificent villa contacted us because he wanted to sell his property and needed to give it a more elegant look.

/ Málaga City

This is not just any renovation project in Málaga... It was not the first one, but the one that made us believe that we could do it, that we could help others to achieve what we had achieved... the dream decoration in Málaga.

S&G (Sun & Golf)
/ Estepona New Golden Mile

This project is the perfect example of a home staging project in an empty house. It is a fact that most people cannot see the possibilities of an empty space. This is why an empty house generates a feeling of being smaller. This is why an empty house generates a feeling of being smaller. We were approached by a well-known property management company on the Costa del Sol to furnish this fantastic Villa on the New Golden Mile. They needed their clients to fall head over heels for this property and buy it immediately.

New Beginnings
/ Málaga City

New Beginnings is a home interior design project in Málaga seeking everyday functionality and style simultaneously.

/ Torremolinos

In a new construction project, where the client’s only contact with their future home is through a show house, the main challenge is to create an inspiring first impression.

/ Málaga city

Working with inherited housing is not easy. The emotional and experiential factors that unite the family are quite deep, so at EIRE INTERIORS, we treat these cases with the care and delicacy they deserve from the Home Staging in Málaga city.

Meyer Suite
/ Málaga city

Who said you couldn’t combine the practical and the beautiful all in one space? If one thing characterises us at EIRE INTERIORS, it has to be our commitment to innovation while maintaining the essence and beauty without renouncing the optimisation of spaces.

/ Málaga city

If you are as much of a traveller as we are, we are sure that when you rent a place in your chosen holiday destination, you are probably looking to feel at home. There is no better welcome to a city you don’t know than accommodation that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

This is precisely the feeling we wanted to transfer to this Home Staging project for holiday rentals in Málaga.

Lar Universia
/ Málaga city

Very few buildings can enjoy such welcoming, multi-purpose community facilities as this block of flats. Thanks to a Contract Interior Design project in Málaga city, the new tenants can use this space which might have seemed unnecessary at first sight.

De La Cruz
/ Torremolinos

What all our clients seek when they invest in the renovation of their homes is to feel they are in the home they want for their new life. That is the case of this decoration and interior design project in Torremolinos.

/ Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmádena)

One of the main benefits of this property’s decoration and interior design project in Benalmádena is the versatility of personalising each room without losing the main style. It will then be conceived as a coherent and authentic unity.

/ Malaga

A regular home should not only serve the purpose of rest but should also be conceived as a space where you can feel at ease, no matter what you do: disconnect, enjoy, work, and even play! These objectives come together in this Málaga decoration and interior design project.

/ Malaga

The owners of this interior design project in Málaga lead busy lives. Lack of time is a common denominator which, in this case, prevented them from implementing such a project on their own.

/ Málaga

The main objective of this decoration and interior design project in the centre of Málaga was to adapt the property to the needs of its new owners with one main requirement: no building work.

Hostal Boutique VG Nerja

A decoration and interior design project in Nerja, a guesthouse in the centre of the town with twenty rooms and common areas.

Mediterranean paradise in your holiday accommodation.

/ Benalmádena

Cantín is a living room decoration project for a property in Benalmádena that aims to achieve a cosy, cheerful and natural atmosphere, focusing on the choice of materials and colours.

/ San Pedro de Alcántara

Each home tells a story where the tenants are the leading characters. It was time to turn the page and shine again in a new episode of its history. We wanted to capture that in this Home Staging project in San Pedro de Alcántara: to set the scene and lighten up the new life of its future owners.

LAR Penthouse
/ Benalmádena

Each home tells a story where the tenants are the leading characters. We wanted to capture that in this Home Staging project in Benalmádena: to set the scene and bring light into the new home of its future owners for their enjoyment for years to come.

/ Málaga City

This decoration and refurbishment project in Toboso, Málaga, was initially a single house and became two unique and different houses.

Following a major transformation process (refurbishment + interior design), it looks like a different place altogether.

/ Málaga City

The Astur project is a renovation of an apartment in Málaga city.

The client, a bachelor, was looking for functionality without compromising aesthetics. The combination of masculinity and vintage style is a main feature. We took care of the entire renovation project to give it a more personal touch, counting on the client’s involvement in the decoration.

The Buhardilla
/ Málaga City

This house has an industrial aesthetic and a colour palette typical of the style and materials such as brick, brown leather and black tiles... All this, combined with a lot of vegetation and decoration, makes the rooms very cosy and attractive, which is the project’s main objective.


Pandora Clothing Shop
/ Campillos (Málaga)

For Contract Interior Design, it is essential to go beyond buying a simple product/service and offer a comprehensive experience where the customer feels you have taken care of every detail of your business. For a full-blown WOW effect!

For the business, it is an investment that will boost sales.

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