Design Plan
Interior decoration

This is the plan you need if you are looking to decorate a room from scratch.

We will help you find the style that best suits your tastes and needs, and we will select every last detail, especially for you.

An interior design project within your budget.

Thanks to the detailed plans and photorealistic infographics we will create for you, you will be able to see the result before the project is finished!

We will distribute the furniture and choose colours, finishes, textures, furniture and decorative accessories.

We help you to get the space you dream of!

We give you that little push you need to get your perfect shelter!

Errores que quizás cometas con la decoración de tu casa

What we will do for you

Tell us who you are
We ask you to fill in a form about your taste in decoration and budget. We will also send you our moodboards with all the trendy decorative styles for you to choose from. Afterwards, we will have a telephone interview in which we will define your needs and your style.
Initial Moodboards
The second step will be to send you two initial creative concepts or moodboard with the inspiration for the room. We will include inspiration for colours, textures, furniture and decoration in them.
Technical drawings
Next, we will send you the technical plans of the project with the distribution of the furniture and the lighting. You will get an idea of what the room will look like.
3D Infographics
When we are sure that the layout plans are what you were looking for, we will make the 3D Infographics so that you can preview the result. We’ll give you two images of the room from different angles so you won’t miss a thing!
Product Guide
We present a complete shopping guide with all the furniture and decorative items. We will also advise you about the measures to be taken according to the room’s needs. All this is adapted to your budget needs and tastes!
Quality assurance
Finally, and in addition to the above, if you buy your furniture and accessories through us, you can benefit from up to a 10% discount with some of our suppliers. We will work to make everything as you have always dreamed it. You will fall in love with your new space!

Want to know more?

What it includes

What it does not include


Our work concludes on the day we deliver the dossier with the infographics, shopping list, and carpentry plans to you.
From there, and if you’re in the province of Malaga, you can choose to do the assembly with us or you can make the purchases on your own since you will have all the links to all the included elements.
Once we deliver the project to you, and if you are within the province of Malaga, you can choose to continue with us to the assembly phase. In the project, you will have the prices with assembly included. However, there is no commitment, and the project we deliver to you contains all the information you need to carry it out on your own.
In the PDF, and according to the budget indicated in the initial meeting, prices are shown for each item with our management of orders, receipt in the warehouse, transportation to your home, and assembly and installation of each one of them. Once we finish, all you have to do is sit on your new sofa and enjoy the moment.

All this for only


Rooms with 25m2 or less

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