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Everything you need to carry out successful renovations in Málaga.

You’ve come to the right place to redesign one (or several) rooms in your home so that everything is in perfect harmony.

Not only will we carry out the complete design. We will also provide you with a large portfolio of qualified professionals.

We will ensure you have the home you have always dreamed of.

Forget about delays and poorly executed work.

Your only concern will be to enjoy the result!

What we will do for you

Your needs
We want to meet you. We know your home is your most precious asset, and we need to know you to give you everything you need. . We will review our moodboards with all the trendy decorative styles and explain the main characteristics of each one. Before starting the project, we will define all your needs and tastes.
Preliminary Project
The second step will be to send you a complete preliminary project in which we will begin to define the choice of materials, vertical and horizontal walls, finishes, textures and colours. We will go through this dossier together, and you will be part of all decisions.
Technical drawings
The next step will be to draw up all the technical drawings for the project. We will draw up all the plans that construction professionals will later need to carry out the refurbishment project. Thanks to them, your home will be defined long before work begins so that everything is perfectly calculated with no surprises.
3D Infographics
Once you are happy with the layout plans, we will shape your home using 3D Infographics, allowing you to visualise the result of the project long before you have even started. You will be able to see every room finished and furnished.
Get to work! What are you waiting for?
We will be in permanent contact with the professionals you choose to carry out the renovation. Whether you choose the ones we propose or your own professionals, we will be at your side throughout the project until it is finished to ensure everything is executed as planned.
The master touch
Once the work has been completed, we can add the finishing touches along with the chosen furniture and accessories. Also, if you prefer, we can give you a complete shopping guide to enjoy the shopping experience on your own. We are open to all possibilities!

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