Online Consultancy

Online Consultancy

An hour with Elisa to solve your queries.

If you know what you want but need a little push to decide, this consultancy service will help you.

Ask us your questions, and during a one-hour video call, we will solve your queries one by one and define an action plan you can then put into practice.

We give you that little push you need to get your perfect shelter!

What we will do for you

Tell us who you are
First comes first. We want to meet you. We know your home is your most precious asset, and we need to know you to give you everything you need. With your booking, we will send you a form to tell us more about you!
Send us your questions
The second step is for you to send us a list of a maximum of ten questions we will study before the video call to define how we will help you. We will also ask you for information, such as photos, plans, videos, etc., about the room you have queries about.
A one-hour video call
The next step is to make the video call. We will have a one-hour video call to clarify all your queries at the chosen time and day.
Get to work! What are you waiting for?
Put all the tips we’ll give you into practice, and voilà! I accompany and tutor you so that everything is perfect and to your liking!

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What it includes

What it does not include

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