Style Plan

I already have furniture, but I’m not convinced with the room’s layout or colour palette.

This is a common situation. You already have a lot of the furniture, but something in the details doesn’t quite convince you. You need help to get that room just right!

We will redistribute the elements; find the colour combination you are looking for and give it the final touch with accessories and auxiliary furniture.

We’ll help you give your home a new look with little investment by reusing some of your things!

What we will do for you

Tell us who you are
We will ask you to fill in a short form to tell us more about your taste in decoration and your needs. We will also ask you about your budget to ensure that the proposal we send you is exactly what you are looking for.
Election of style
In addition to the form, we will send you our moodboards with all the current decorative trends. We will need a small plan of the room and some photos. We will show you all your options and help you choose the one that best suits your tastes and expectations.
Creating the styling
First, we will send you a complete dossier with the colour palette and decoration chosen for you and your space.
Product Guide
We will give you a complete shopping guide with all the furniture and decorative items. We will also provide advice and ideas on the measures to be taken according to the room’s needs. All this is adapted to your budget needs and tastes!
Quality assurance
Finally, and in addition to the above, if you buy your furniture and accessories through us, you can benefit from up to 10% discount with some of our suppliers. We will work to make everything as you have always dreamed it. You will fall in love with your new space!

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What it includes

What it does not include

All this for only
Rooms with 25m2 or less

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