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In this interior design and home staging project in Malaga the EIRE essence is breathed in every corner. By combining earth tones with warm materials, a home with a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere has been achieved.

It consists of a complete renovation of kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Project: M10
Type: Interior Design
Location: Malaga
Status: Completed
Inspiration Nordic Contemporary

The project

In the living room we highlight the wonderful detail through which the rooms have been separated, the play of color and the shape of the walls. This creates harmony throughout the room. Natural materials such as fibers and rattan have been used, as well as different types of wood.

In the kitchen has been created a very functional space open to the living room, with warm colors and cozy materials. The terracotta-colored tile brings an original and warm touch to the white furniture.

The master bedroom has been created by joining two "mini rooms", resulting in a spectacular master bedroom with an office space and a dressing room with a seating area. Warm colors have been combined with touches of black.

In the second bedroom, a highly functional custom built-in wardrobe has been designed.

In the bathroom a spectacular change has been made compared to the previous bathroom. Space has been created for a large broom and a shower with natural light. In addition, a very decorative and warm double-bowl sink cabinet has been added. The wallpaper on the sink wall provides a different, original and attractive touch.

It has been possible to change from a typical "old house full of furniture and without luminosity" to a very modern, warm, cozy, functional and bright house.

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