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Home Staging and decoration project in Malaga with integral reform of the house and change in the kitchen without work.

In this project, a palette of warm colors, green and ocher tones has been used. This, together with a neutral base and natural materials, creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for all types of tenants.

It is a small house consisting of living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Project: Colón
Type: Home Staging
Location: Malaga
Status: Completed
Inspiration Nordic

The project

This project of integral reform and decoration is located in Malaga city center. It is a small house consisting of living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It consists of a home staging project, oriented to rent the house. For this reason we have followed a palette of neutral colors and materials.

Before the renovation, the kitchen was divided from the living room and there was no feeling of spaciousness or brightness. By joining these rooms we get the effect of a large, spacious and bright home.

In addition, it has incorporated a hall as it works as a separator between the entrance and the kitchen and makes the kitchen not the first thing that is seen when entering.
In the kitchen no work has been done but a brutal change has been achieved with a minimal budget. Small accessories such as handles and countertops have been changed, and self-adhesive tiles and a grab bar have also been installed.

The living room has turned out to be very practical. It has a dining area. The living room is very warm and welcoming thanks to the materials, and it has black touches that add elegance and style.

In the main bedroom has taken advantage of a column and a "dead space" to incorporate a custom closet with a highly aesthetic and functional exposed shelf.

The single bedroom is very practical. It can be used for any future use that you want to give it, with an office area, a rest area and a storage area. Very light and bright tones have been used.

The bathroom is the most daring room, combining a biophilic wallpaper with materials such as wood, a very cozy and fresh bathroom has been achieved in equal parts. In addition, the bathroom follows the aesthetics of the rest of the home, using similar colors and black touches.

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