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The jewel of this interior design project in Malaga are the EIRE designer furniture with which we have achieved a very cozy, functional and highly designed result.

This project consists of a master bedroom, living room, hall and what we will call multipurpose room.

Project: M61
Type: Interior Design
Location: Malaga
Status: Completed
Inspiration Nordic Contemporary

The project

We have designed a very practical and welcoming hall, using natural materials such as wood, white tones and organic shapes such as wallpaper that combine perfectly.

The color palette of this project consists of earth tones and touches of pink and terracotta. The living room has been very integrated thanks to the custom-designed tv cabinet matching a very organic and modern dining room. The wall mural adds a warm and natural touch.

In the bedroom, the headboard, the bedside tables and the shoe racks at the foot of the bed have also been designed to measure.

The multipurpose room is oriented to ironing area and guest room. Often this room can be messy and even look like it has nothing to do with the rest of the house, and that's where the EIRE magic comes in, with custom furniture and enough storage space to facilitate the function of this space.

Playing throughout the house with the same color palette and materials we have achieved a cozy, functional home with a lot of EIRE Magic.


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